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September gig round up

wedding band colliters brook farm bristol

It’s been a busy old September, with 5 gigs completed despite us having a whole weekend off right in the middle of the month (lazy so-and-sos)… Here’s what happened:

1st September – Priston Mill

This was a great night (and on a Thursday as well).  We kicked things off in style with a specially learned first dance song of “Freefallin” by Tom Petty.  Given this was the groom’s favourite song ever, we were delighted to deliver the goods for him!

The rest of the night was a big success, with both sets of music going down well – not to mention the limbo competition during the break… And when the disco took over once we’d finished playing live there was a particularly positive reaction for “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard – who’d have thunk it?!

Once midnight arrived it was time to pack away, whilst fending off requests from one female guest to play Delilah a 3rd time – yes, we put it on twice, which was definitely enough (sorry Sir Tom)…

A (not particularly) quick roundup of our August gigs…

LOVE (VOLE) letters

We’re not sure where this summer has gone – time is flying by for the Moon Loungers with loads of gigs to report on in August (and we’re already into the September ones!). So here’s a summary – take a deep breath:

4th August – wedding at Coombe Lodge

One of the standout aspects of this gig was that we turned up early (after cutting it a bit fine on our previous trip to Coombe Lodge!) and finding the room we were playing in had emptied and a space had already been cleared for us to set up.  We’ve spent many an hour in the lounge area waiting for meals and speeches to finish, but on this occasion everything was running right on time…

A busy July with 8 gigs to report on…

Yes, we are well into the summer season now, and July brought with it 8 gigs (and consequently not much time to write the blog!).

moon loungers wedding band cripps barn

It was a great month, and here’s a quick summary:

1st July – FAB Ball

The month began with us playing the FAB Ball, which raises money for the Frenchay Afterburns Unit.  We’ve been playing this marvellous event for a few years now, and once again it was a great night.  There were a number of couples there for whom we’ve played their weddings in the past, so it was great to catch up with them.

As usual the floor was packed all night, and we took the chance to debut a couple of new covers (“1999” by Prince, gawd rest his soul, and also “Don’t Leave Me This Way” by the Communards). Well done to Lizzie and the team for organising another great event!

Three go mad in Somerset with trips to Coombe Lodge weddings and Clevedon Hall

The wedding summer season is in full swing for us now – although the weather doesn’t seem to be keeping pace, sadly…

A couple of weekends ago we played back to back weddings at Coombe Lodge.  If you’re thinking that sounds a bit, well, samey, fear not – apart from being in the same venue the evenings couldn’t have been more different.

The first one was for an older crowd, making for a more sedate evening that suitably kicked off with “Everything” by Michael Buble for the first dance.  Full credit to lots of the guests for either dancing or sticking around in the main room to enjoy our performance throughout what was a really enjoyable evening.

bristol wedding band the moon loungers coombe lodge somerset

The second wedding was for a much younger and rowdier bunch, which meant lots of (a) drunkenness, (b) dropped drinks/smashed glasses on the dance floor, and (c) guests wanting to play our instruments…

There was also the obligatory “annoying guest” who spent the evening being, well, very annoying, particularly during the first dance (“Grow Old With Me” by Tom Odell) when he had to be forcibly restrained from stumbling onto the dance floor to join the newlyweds!

A couple of smashing weddings at the Hare & Hounds in Gloucestershire and Clevedon Hall in Somerset.

Sometimes it feels the title “Bristol Wedding Band” is a little misleading for this blog, given the amount of time we spend away from Bristol in the surrounding counties!  Not that we are complaining – a couple of Saturdays ago our “commute” involved driving north away from Bristol and into the beautiful Gloucestershire Cotswolds.  On a nice sunny evening it doesn’t get much better.

bristol wedding band the moon loungers hare and hounds

The venue was the Hare & Hounds near Tetbury, one of our favourites.  The couple had gone for it and booked out the whole venue, which meant we were playing in the restaurant (while the wedding brekky took place in the main function room).  They’d somehow manage to keep the existence of the restaurant a secret, so we set up quietly to maintain this secret – although once we’d sound checked it’s likely that most guests became aware of our presence…

Nonetheless it must have been a nice surprise for everyone to discover this new room complete with band ready to play for them!  The first dance was “Let’s Stay Together”, and despite the very warm weather a number of guests stuck around for a dance.

During the break we were treated to mini fish and chips, and the bride and groom let us buy a round of drinks on their tab – what a lovely couple!

It was one of those VERY rare nights where you could sit outside all evening without getting cold.  This meant it was a bit more work enticing folk onto the floor, but the newlyweds weren’t afraid to tell everyone they had to have a dance – always helpful.  Come the end of the set everyone was up and getting involved, and it was one of those nights where we had to play “Ice Ice Baby” for the encore.

Our pack down took longer than normal, due largely to the bacon sarnies being served up around midnight!  This made for an enjoyable end to a splendid evening – well done all concerned.

gloucestershire wedding band the moon loungers hare and hounds

The following Saturday we headed a few junctions south down the M5 to Clevedon Hall.  After a rainy start the weather had perked up and guests were able to enjoy the amazing grounds as we set up and sound checked.

The first dance on this occasion was “Ho Hey”, which always seems to kick things off perfectly.  Given that England had also kicked off at the exact time of the first dance, it was no surprise that the dance floor featured mainly females (although that’s fairly normal anyway to be honest).  With Clevedon Hall now boasting some cracking accommodation complete with TVs, someone had put the game on in their room for the lads to enjoy (or endure – it was England after all).

somerset wedding band the moon loungers clevedon hall

During the break it was pork rolls, which we munched on outside.  As it wasn’t quite as humid as the previous gig, getting everyone up dancing second set was much easier, and we played out the second set to a busy dance floor. Hey Jude delivered the goods as our final song, and after a couple of encores it was disco time up until midnight.

So two marvellous wedding bashes for two lovely couples.  Congrats to both and thanks to all those who had a dance and a sing along!