A 40th birthday party in Wiltshire for the Moon Loungers

No weddings this weekend for the Moon Loungers; instead we headed out of Bristol into Wiltshire for a 40th birthday gig in a marquee in a school playing field in Minety – complete with kids playground…

Wedding band Wiltshire the Moon Loungers

The occasion was a follow up to the birthday party we played at in January, so there were a few familiar faces around.  Once we’d set up we were able to spend some time playing cards and chatting to the guests, and it transpired that the birthday girl Kirsty’s 7-year old son plays the drums.  Never ones to pass up on an opportunity, once the meal was finished we invited him on stage after happy birthday had been sung for a quick blues jam.  Watch out Stu!

By this point time was knocking on, so we decided to just play through for about an hour and 45 minutes without a break to ensure the jovial crowd got their fair share of live music.  Kirsty – a bit of a party animal – didn’t let us down, showing particular delight at Mr. Brightside and Kings of Leon.

Apparently the party carried on into the night, keeping most of Minety awake – well done guys and happy birthday once again to Kirsty!