A dinner dance at Cadbury House in Somerset for the Moonie Boys

It’s that time of year when the weddings haven’t really kicked off, but the dinner dances are going strong.  And so we found ourselves at Cadbury House in Somerset for a Masonic Charity dinner dance on Saturday night.

The function room has changed around a bit since we last played there, and the stage area is now in front of the massive rocky cliff edge that forms part of the room.  Yes, a massive rocky cliff edge.  We took lots of photos.

Cadbury House function band

Cadbury House rockface

Cadbury House rockface Stu

The good news was (a) we had load of space to set up and leave cases, etc; (b) we’d been supplied with lots of sandwiches, snacks and drinks to keep us going, and (c) everything ran to schedule almost to the minute. For possibly the first ever time at a dinner dance, we were able to start playing at the planned time of 10pm.

The guests looked slightly suspicious of us to start with (maybe it was the ice breaker about the rock being a fixture of the venue, and not something we’d brought with us), but they soon warmed to us and the dance floor was soon full.

As midnight approached we had to announce a taxi waiting outside, which was a good cue to start winding things up.  After our final song we were asked to play Sweet Child o’ Mine, which we obliged, and then it was time to pack up the instruments.  By 12.45 pretty much everyone had gone, and we weren’t far behind them – a splendid night’s work complete.