A fantastic wedding bash at the Grange for the Moon Loungers

On Saturday we made to short trip to the Grange in Winterbourne for a splendid evening wedding bash.

grange wedding band bristol

We arrived just as everyone was being ushered out of the funtion room, which meant everything was going to schedule – hurrah!

Now, I know we are always banging on about what must sound like trivial problems with time slippages on this blog,  but it really does help us do a good job when everything goes to plan – and that’s exactly what happened on this occasion, as follows…

We were set up and sound-checked with plenty of time spare and able to put on some background tunes as the guests were brought back into the room.  At around 8.15 we kicked off our live music with the first dance, for which the couple had chosen “Amazed” by Lonestar.

That went really well, with guests joining the happy couple halfway through the song and lots of them sticking around and dancing throughout the rest of the first set.

During the break sparklers were lit, buffet was munched and we couldn’t resist the temptations of the amazing sweet trolly…

bristol wedding band

Stu was also up to his old tricks vis-a-vis finding a bit of cake with lots of icing…

bristol wedding band

It was then time for the second set, which began with the ceremonial throwing of the bouquet.  It was one of those when the bouquet lands on the floor for one of the girs to run over and pick it up, but they all count!

The second set was brilliant, with the dance floor packed from start to finish and the bride and groom themselves dancing throughout.  Come the end we naturally played a couple of encores, and as the disco took over we found time for a couple of pics of the happy couple:

wedding band bristol

So there you have it, a fantastic night that went extremely smoothly and completely according to plan!  Well done all concerned and congratulations to a thoroughly lovely couple.