A laid back early evening wedding performance at Matara for the Moonies

After a very busy August and September, October is bit quieter.  In fact, our next 3-piece isn’t until the middle of November!  Don’t worry, we’ve already booked Stu in for a recording session this week in case we start to miss him too much…

Chris and Steve do have a couple of acoustic duo gigs to keep them out of mischief, one of which took place on Sunday evening. The venue was the Matara Centre in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds, and it was nice to make a return to this old haunt of ours having not played there yet this year.

In a real change of pace from the norm, we were booked to play an early evening session as guests mingled and chatted post-wedding breakfast.  We arrived and set up as guests headed outside to help the newly-weds plant a tree, and then played a couple of laid back sets as they all returned to the function room and the sun went down.

Despite the sympathetic 7.30 finish (school night, etc), a few guests couldn’t quite manage to stick around until the end, but all in all it was a really nice evening and those who stayed until the end certainly seemed to have a nice time!  The bride and groom (and a few guests) even managed to have a smooch to Chasing Cars – splendid stuff.

That’s that for us for a couple of weeks – time to put the guitars in for a service I think….