A lively wedding at the Matara Centre for the Moon Loungers

The Moon Loungers returned to the Matara Centre in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds for the first time in a while on Saturday.  We arrived in the morning and set ourselves up in a corner of the “Hilarium”, a spacious hall with some very bizarre acoustics, and that was pretty much where we stayed for the rest of the day!

First up was the ceremony, and we played for a good 40 minutes as guests assembled and waited for the arrival of the bride.  Slightly behind schedule, she entered to “Annie’s Song”, and we managed to get through most of the song before she reached the front of the room.

During the signing of the register we played “Chasing Cars” and “Your Song”, with the registrar surprising/scaring us a bit by using the “finger slitting the throat” mime to ask us to stop… we then played Take That’s “Greatest Day” as everyone exited the room to complete a succesful ceremony!

We then popped over to Hunters Hall (where we are now becoming regulars) for a drink and a bowl of chips, before returning to play a couple of sets during the wedding breakfast. We finished by performing “All I Have To Do Is Dream” (for the first time in a while) as a special request, and then it was time for a bit of food while the speeches took place.

bristol gloucestershire wedding band

Once the speeches had finished Stu the drummer arrived and we set up for the evening party.   The first dance was “I’m Yours”, with guests being invited to join the bride and groom on the dancefloor after a couple of verses. From that point in there was no need for us to encourage anyone to dance – everyone was clearly up for a party!

After a break (during which some excellent sausage sarnies were served up – yes, I know, we’re always eating!) we returned for what would be an extremely boisterous second set. From opener “Honky Tonk Woman” right through to “Hey Jude” the dancefloor was packed with revellers, with one guy in particular dancing in such an exuberant manner that he almost knocked Steve’s teeth out after clattering into his mic during “Johnny B. Goode”….

We responded to the inevitable encore with a specially resurrected version of “It’s Not Unusual” in honour of the sizeable Welsh contingent at the wedding.  The Tom Jones classic is a song Stu used to sing regularly in his and Steve’s old band, but it’s not one the Moonies have ever performed – so it was nice to dust it down for a very appreciative audience.  After a second encore we handed over to the disco for the final half hour.

We knocked things on the head at midnight, but as we packed away a few traditional Welsh songs were heartily sung as the party continued… the guests were very complimentary to us, with a number of them trying to perusade us to “come to West Wales” and play, and all in all it had been a fantastic day.

Well done to the bride and (no doubt sore-headed) groom, and thanks to everyone concerned for being such a great crowd!