A slight change of pace – the Moon Loungers perform at a wedding at Beeses Tea Gardens

On Friday evening the Moon Loungers played at what is a new venue for us: Beeses Tea Gardens, situated on the banks of the River Avon. Whilst most folk will be accustomed to getting to Beeses by boat (how civilised!), we accessed the venue from the tradesman’s entrance – an interesting experience to say the least!

bristol wedding band

Given Beeses’ tranquil setting, it is hard to imagine you get to it via a residential back street in the depths of Brislington.  To access the venue, we drove down a steep and rather treacherous unmarked path (thanking our lucky stars it was dry), and then it was a case of carting our gear along a narrow footpath to get to the marquee in which we were playing.  Having checked the access (and the weather reports) out in advance a few days before, we arrived in shorts and t-shirts – a good decision!

Once we were set up we were able to enjoy a beer (thanks to the bride and groom for setting up a tab, most kind) in the cordoned off section of Beeses whilst the public scrambed for a spot in the garden.  With the weather absolutely glorious, everyone seemed to have had the same idea of coming to Beeses for a post-work wind down.

bristol wedding band beeses tea gardens

Once the barbecue had been tucked into we started proceedings with the first dance, the song of choice being “Last Night on Earth” a Green Day tune that we’d learnt specially. With everyone in good spirits (it was hard not to be given the setting and lovely weather) we coaxed a number of guests up dancing, particularly after the break when a few more drinks had been imbibed..

The groom had asked us to play “Dakota” so this was hastily added to the set list, much to his delight, and for the last song we knocked out “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen at the request of the happy couple. We then played a two song encore, finishing as we’d started with Green Day, this time it was the turn of the more familiar “Time of Your Life”.

It was then a case of handing over to our disco, packing down the gear and negotiating the footpath back to our vehicles.  Getting out was even trickier than getting in, given it was pitch black, but we lived to tell the tale! After a few scary wheel spins we managed to tackle the track back up to Brislington to complete a succesful night’s work.  Thank gawd we had the rest of the weekend off though – for some much needed recovery time…

Well done to the happy couple (especially with the weather!) and thanks to everyone who enjoyed a dance.

We now have the jubilee weekend off but will be back with more reports from our subsequently busy June schedule – so watch this space!