The Moon Loungers’ new album cover explained…

As you may have noticed, the Moon Loungers’ have kicked off 2012 with the release of a new “Acoustic Rock” album – here it is in all its glory (please click on the image to go through to iTunes)…

bowl of m&ms brown ones removed

Now, we’re not sure if anyone would like an explanation of the album cover artwork, but here goes anyway!

First of all, why a bowl of M&Ms with all the brown ones removed?

This is in fact an image that is ingrained in rock mythology, thanks to those well-worn tales of rock stars supposedly refusing to perform unless their “rider” contained  – yes – a bowl of M&Ms with the brown ones removed. But from where does this myth actually originate?

A spot of research tells us that it was none other than American rock band Van Halen that can be held responsible for creating this little piece of rock legend.  The band included in their contract a clause that literally stated:

“There will be no brown M&Ms in the backstage area, upon pain of forfeiture of the show, with full compensation”

Whilst this may sound like the demands of rock musicians who have finally lost any sort of grip on reality, there was a sensible rationale behind it.  Buried deep in the contract, the clause was in fact used as a test to check that the venue at which they were set to perform had simply read the document properly.

According to frontman David Lee Roth, if there was a bowl of M&Ms (brown ones removed, of course) present in their dressing room, the band could assume all of the other (more important) clauses has been adhered to – many of which were critical and safety-related.

No doubt speaking from bitter experience, Roth has since stated “Guaranteed you’re going to arrive at a technical error. They didn’t read the contract. Sometimes it would threaten to just destroy the whole show.”

And if the specific way in which we laid out the bowl on a black and white surface is ringing a bell for you, that’s because we have paid homage to the slighly cryptic album cover used for Paul McCartney’s first solo album – see below…

mccartney album cover

So there you go – artwork explained, whether you liked it or not!  If you do happen to listen to the album then we hope you enjoy it…