The Moon Loungers perform at a wedding at Ston Easton Manor, Somerset

For the third Friday in a row, the Moon Loungers provided a full day of wedding music, this time at impressive Ston Easton Manor in Somerset, about 20 minutes south of Bristol.

Wedding band bristol

We arrived to be greeted by the groom out walking his three dogs, all of whom were due to be present in the ceremony (only the 2nd time we’ve witnessed dogs in a wedding ceremony).  Once we’d dusted the dog hair from our trousers we set up for the ceremony and had a chat with the registrars, who we couldn’t help but notice were served up a nice pot of tea before the ceremony began (for all venues and wedding co-ordinators out there, musicians like tea as well!).

The ceremony was an amusing affair, with the dogs (Springer Spaniels, the most hyper-active dogs of them all), taking centre stage.  We played English Rose for the entrance of the bride and Let There Be Love for the exit, before heading outside to play for the drinks reception.  Amazingly, the weather was pretty good – although the fingers were getting a bit cold and unresponsive come the end of our set.

We then took a break while the wedding party tucked into their slap up meal, before joining up with Stu the drummer for the evening bash. We’d been promised a good crowd who loved a dance, and they certainly didn’t let us down – from the first dance (You Do Something To Me – Paul Weller looming large again) right through to the end of the night (including two encores) they kept going.  During the break we were served up the biggest pork sandwiches ever, and at the end of the night we were sent on our way with loads of wedding cake, making the pot of tea incident from earlier in the day a distant memory…

As we left the venue at about 12.30 the groom was seen taking his dogs for a final walk of the day – brilliant stuff! A top couple, and a great crowd.  Well done everyone.