Wedding gigs at Nailsea Tithe Barn and Matara for the Moon Loungers

The Moon Loungers played a couple of weddings parties over the weekend, first up being a bash at Nailsea Tithe Barn.

This was a new venue for us, and the plan was for us to arrive and set up inside whilst everyone was outside tucking into the barbecue and enjoying the lovely summer weather. Unfortunately, Mother Nature hadn’t read this script and it was sadly pouring with the rain on our arrival – doh!

bristol wedding band

This meant everyone was inside the barn (pictured above on a sunny day!), and so we set up with an audience watching us…  It then dawned on us that no-one was eating anything, and we soon discovered that the rain had caused problems with the barbie and it hadn’t yet been served!

With all music to stop by 11.00, we agreed with the groom to play a first set quietly whilst the food was eventually served around 8.45.  So Stu swapped sticks for brushes and we turned everything down, and well done to a few guests for coming and having a dance despite the food on offer!

We then took a 10 minute break, grabbed a burger and a bap, and were soon back on for a more boisterous second set. We kicked off with a first dance of “Let’s Stay Together” and then blasted through a non-stop set before letting the disco fill in the last 10 minutes of the night.

The following evening we headed to the more familiar surroundings of the Matara Centre.  We started the first set with a specially learned first dance of “Garden Rules” by Snow Patrol, and the ensuing set saw plenty of guests having a dance.  Thanks to Clint at Pixel Photography
for sending through this image…

bristol wedding band

We treated ourselves to a beer during the break, and munched on bacon sarnies before returning for our second set.  Given it was a Sunday, plenty of guests drifted away during the set, but one chap (who had clearly enjoyed the free vino) single-handedly kept the party going with magnificent display of dancing!

Come the end of the night, the groom politely requested an encore of “Mr Brightside” (our pleasure) and we then finished as we’d started with a bit of Snow Patrol (this time the more conventional “Chasing Cars”).

As the disco took over the venue emptied, leaving the three of us to pack up and head off into the night, another successful weekend’s work behind us. Congrats to both couples!