A wedding just before Christmas and then New Year’s Eve at Calcot Manor

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you enjoyed the holidays… we certainly had a good Christmas break, and it was nicely bookended by gigs on the 23rd of December and New Year’s Eve.

On the 23rd we played an evening wedding bash at Clevedon Hall, and it was probably the best gig we’ve done at this venue. As per the norm we set ourselves up in the main entrance hall (which was looking suitably festive with lots of decorations and a big twinkly fairly light net hanging from the bannisters on the 1st floor.

moon loungers wedding band clevedon hall

As planned, we kicked off the live music around 8.00. For the first dance we’d learned “Video Games” by Lana Del Rey, and as requested by the couple we’d taken our inspiration from Kasabian’s Live Lounge version.  It is a brilliant song and I think our take on it sounded good – it was certainly good fun to play!

The first set followed the familiar pattern, with lots of guests joining in during the first dance and sticking around before some drifted off to the bar and others sat down. But I think we managed to keep a core of revellers dancing throughout.

In the break we were treated to fish and chips, and the groom was kind enough to buy us a beer as well – what a gent.  This all propelled us into a very lively 2nd set, with the dance floor quickly filling up and everyone really enjoying the party. One particular highlight was the bride hitching up her dress and doing a brilliant Moonwalk during “Billie Jean” – awesome.

Come the end we couldn’t resist the calls for a few encores, finishing with the inevitable “Merry Xmas Everybody” for the last time in 2016!

The disco was then able to fill in the final 45 minutes of the night, and after the all-important “Fairy Tale of New York” we finished it with “You’ll Never Walk Alone” – which went down well with everyone except on guest (possibly not a Liverpool fan) who stood at the side of the dance floor for the song and made a rude gesture to the groom. All good fun!

It was then time to kick back over Christmas, before reconvening at Calcot Manor for New Year’s Eve.  We’ve played this event a few times over the years so it was a case of turn up, set up in the usual place and then tuck into our sandwiches.  Although this year the venue provided us with some hot food as well, so let’s just say we didn’t go hungry…

calcot manor new years eve

We got going with the music around 10.45, and didn’t really stop playing until 12.45, smashing out around 2 hours of dance floor fillers.  We skillfully finished “Surfin’ USA” 30 seconds before midnight, did the countdown, and then went straight into Auld Lang Syne after it, before playing another 45 minutes (whilst fielding lots of requests coming in along the way – that’s paying punters for you I guess!).

Anyhoo, all the guests seemed to enjoy themselves, and it was a great way for us to finish a marvellous 2016 of gigs.  Once again, Happy New Year one and all – hope it’s a good one!