A nice warm start to July for the Moonies

The amazing heatwave has continued across the UK during the early part of the July, which means we’ve enjoyed a couple of rather warm gigs over the last few days…

banwell castle wedding band moon loungers

On Saturday we played a wedding evening party at pretty much the best venue possible when it’s almost 30 degrees: Banwell Castle in Somerset.  As you can see from the picture above, the set up was perfect – everyone in an al fresco castle courtyard, with us set up in an airy tunnel (we like to refer to it as beneath the castle ramparts) looking out into said courtyard.  And with access available from the rear of the tunnel, the load in was dead easy – exactly what you need on a warm evening.

Once we were set and had tucked into some hog roast, we started off the live stuff with a specially learned first dance of “You’ve Got the Love” by Florence & the Machine – a song we’ve been meaning to cover for ages. We actually debuted it last week at the FAB Ball as a practice, and it sounded great then, so it was nice to confidently knock it out for the first dance.

As everyone was already outside, there were no concerns about guests leaving the dance floor (or dance cobbles as we took to calling it), and everyone seemed to have a great time throughout our 2 live sets.  The groom’s daughter even added guest vocals to “Rolling in the Deep” to everyone’s delight. All in all a brilliant night!

The following Monday (yes, Monday) we were back at Coombe Lodge for another wedding bash.  The first dance this time was a bit different – the couple having learned a waltz to an instrumental of Moon River.  This was followed by “We Are Family” for – you’ve guessed it – all the family members to join in with; and finally we started playing live with a special request of “Here Comes the Sun”.

Given the continuing warm weather, it was inevitable that lots of guests headed back outside, but we did retain a hardcore of dancers for that sweaty first set.  After a lovely barbecue we were quickly back on for a second set played out to a nicely packed dance floor.  Steve even played a bit of “3 Lions” to satisfy the inevitable “It’s Coming Home” requests…

And so back to concentrating on the World Cup, with the next gigs not for a couple of weeks!

And of course congratulations to both happy couples.