September gig roundup

After a hectic summer, September has been a bit steadier, although we still managed 4 weddings (and before you ask, thankfully no funerals) during the month.

bristol wedding band coombe lodge

Back on 2nd September we performed at Coombe Lodge, and the twist for this one was that the groom (above) was from New Zealand – and a number of his friends and family had made the trip over to celebrate.  This meant we added a bit of Kiwi flavour to proceedings – from the first dance (a nice song called “One Day” by a New Zealand band named Op Shop) through to the various Kiwi tunes played out on the disco at the end of the night (it’s always funny watching lots of people sing along to songs you’ve never heard!).  And we had to play a bit of Crowded House as well – we opted for “Weather With You” as an encore.  All in all a cracking evening.

bristol wedding band the moon loungers old down manor

The following weekend we were on wedding band duty again, this time at Old Down Manor near Bristol (see Stu above sampling the wares). For the first dance we played “Purpose” by Justin Bieber over the laptop, but cut in after a minute or so with “Shape of You” at the request of the couple! This worked great as everyone piled onto the dance floor and got involved.  The rest of the night was a huge success, and with the disco running all the way to 1am we were delighted to see a hard core of (very youthful) guests keep on dancing right up until the end!

Moon Loungers' disco at Old Down Manor

The day after we found ourselves in the refined surroundings of Castle Combe Manor House in Wiltshire.  This time we were appearing as an acoustic duo during the ceremony and the meal, and with the drizzle set in for the day we set up inside (in a spot we were able to stick to for both performances). For the ceremony we squeezed in a few songs as guests assembled and then played “Here Comes the Sun” (oh the irony!) for the bridal entrance.

moon loungers castle combe manor house

With no register being signed, all that was left was to play “Happy Together” for the exit.  As the room was turned around for the meal we found time to shoot some pool, then played various sets in amongst the speeches that cropped up throughout the wedding breakfast.

pool table castle combe manor house

The next couple of weekends were gig-free, but we returned to wedding action on Friday night at Berwick Lodge near Bristol.  It’s always fun accessing the room at this venue, as you have to enter via the front door and gently ease all your gear past all the guests (who always congregate in the entrance hall).  But once we were in the room we swiftly got set up and by 8.30 we were up and running.

The first dance was “The Way You Look Tonight”, and the B&G had requested this one on the laptop – mainly as they’d learned a routine (which went very well).  We played a longer than usual first set, and then returned after bacon sarnies for a second set featuring freshly learned “Shut Up and Dance”.  Despite lots of guests apparently disappearing quite early, there were enough left at the end for an encore of “Back for Good”, and with that September’s work was successfully completed!

Congrats to all those lovely couples.