February gig roundup

Winter is traditionally quiet gig-wise for us, and this February was no exception with just two outings. But they were both brilliant nights that are well worth a blog post!

wedding band bristol wiltshire

Back at the start of the month we played a 40th birthday party at Chiseldon House in Wiltshire.  With heavy snow falling the day before, actually getting to the venue became the main focus… thankfully things warmed up the next day which meant a lot of the snow had thawed out by the time we headed off.

We arrived in one piece and were soon set up.  With a number of familiar faces amongst the arriving guests, we were able to have a chat with various folk and also tuck into a rather nice chilli-con-carne before getting round to the live music.

As planned (and basically our suggestion), the food was served fairly early – thus freeing up the rest of the evening for us to play one long 2hr set without needing to stop halfway through or worry about the 11.30 curfew.  And so we blasted through 30-odd songs, with highlights including regular Sambuca shots being sent our way (Chris enjoying a few of these whilst drivers Stu and Steve passed!), Mustang Sally being dusted down (and it was fairly dusty after a few years in the wilderness), and the birthday boy hitting the mic during Hey Jude (see above!).

Getting out of the venue was slightly hairy, what with the driveway covered in slippery snow leftovers, but we managed to make it out and back home without any problems.  Cracking night!

A couple of weeks later we were back on wedding band duty, and back at the Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury, Gloucestershire.  Normally when we arrive at the GTB we find the wedding cake inconveniently set up on the stage, with the staff strangely reluctant to move it… thankfully it was elsewhere this time, literally enabling us to setup half an hour quicker than normal. I joke not.

We actually ended up starting our first set earlier than planned, and were delighted to see the dance floor full for the whole set.  First dance was Nat King Cole’s L.O.V.E, to which the couple did an excellent routine.  Steve was pleased not to have to play it live, given how tricky it is remember to play an “A” note and sing the word “E” for example…

wedding band first dance great tythe barn

Pork rolls sorted us out during the break, and once again we were ahead of schedule for the 2nd set. With pretty much everyone dancing for the whole set, the least we could do was a 3-song encore before letting the disco see things through to midnight.  Absolutely brilliant crowd and another splendid evening!