2018 finishes up with weddings at The Bishop’s Palace and the Hare and Hounds

One of the features of 2018 has been the number of venues we’ve played at for the first time.  And we found ourselves at yet another one a couple of weekends ago when we arrived in Wells to play at the Bishop’s Palace (part of Wells Cathedral).

We tend to rely on Google maps these days to get us places, and it rarely lets us down; however, on this occasion it took us to the wrong side of the cathedral, which led to lots of driving around Wells (and getting stuck in its one way system) trying to find correct the way in!

Anyhoo, eventually we figured it out and were soon set up and soundchecking in another very echoey room! Thankfully, the guest helped absorb the sound once they piled in and onto the dance floor during the first dance (Angels, which amazingly we’ve never played live before).

Bishops Palace moonies

Most guests stuck around for the first set, and after a quick sarnie and a pint we were back on and playing to a packed dance floor for a brilliant second set.  We managed a few encores before letting the disco fill in until the strict 11.30 curfew.  Thankfully it was a lot easier finding our way out of Wells that it was getting in…

The following Saturday (Dec 1st) was unusually our last gig of the year, and it was nice to finish off 2018 at the familiar surroundings of the Hare and Hounds in Gloucestershire. In stark contrast to the previous bash, the crowd were more inclined to sit and watch, but we did manage to get more and more folk on the floor as the night progressed. Hilariously, one chap literally walked on for the final 10 seconds of our last song and then shouted “more!”…  Needless to say we played an encore, dusting down “Merry Xmas Everybody” – well, we’re not going to get another chance to play it this year, after all…

It’s been another great and slightly crazy year for the Moonies, featuring our snowiest ever wedding, some of the hottest gigs ever (remember that heat wave?!), Chris going to hospital straight after once gig and having a hernia op, a rare overnight stay in Oxfordshire, and gigs in everything from Art Galleries to village halls, castles to city centre pubs.

Can’t remember any bad gigs though, and there have certainly been loads of really good ones.  Congrats to all the newlyweds for whom we’ve played, and that’s it for the blog this year – see you in 2019!