A busy July with 8 gigs to report on…

Yes, we are well into the summer season now, and July brought with it 8 gigs (and consequently not much time to write the blog!).

moon loungers wedding band cripps barn

It was a great month, and here’s a quick summary:

1st July – FAB Ball

The month began with us playing the FAB Ball, which raises money for the Frenchay Afterburns Unit.  We’ve been playing this marvellous event for a few years now, and once again it was a great night.  There were a number of couples there for whom we’ve played their weddings in the past, so it was great to catch up with them.

As usual the floor was packed all night, and we took the chance to debut a couple of new covers (“1999” by Prince, gawd rest his soul, and also “Don’t Leave Me This Way” by the Communards). Well done to Lizzie and the team for organising another great event!

2nd July – wedding at Priston Mill Water mill

The following night we made our first appearance at Priston Mill watermill for a few years. We’ve played in Priston’s Tythe Barn lots of time recently but not the watermill, so it was strange to be squeezing ourselves into the smaller venue for the first time in a while.

It was a top night though, from the first dance (“I’m Yours”) right through to the encore (“1999” was given another airing).  And they had pizza during the break – amazing…

8th July – wedding at Orchardleigh House

It’s always a good party at Orchardleigh – it’s just one of those things.  Must be the room we play in, it just seems to work.  And this one was no exception.

wedding ban orchardleigh the moon loungers

The first dance this time was “Little Things” by One Direction – the bride’s favourite band, and somehow during the 2nd set she managed to commandeer Steve’s mic and reprise the song.  The groom had momentarily left the room, only to return to find everyone watching his new wife singing “Little Things” to him.  Very funny…

wedding band orchardleigh house somerset

The groom happened to be an old friend of Stu’s, so Stu was delighted to rap “Ice Ice Baby” in the encore  – apparently it was his Vanilla Ice tape that Stu borrowed all those years ago to learn the words.  So that made a great end to a very lively evening’s entertainment…

14th July – wedding at Cripps Barn

Cripps Barn is a bit of a trek (i.e. it’s about an hour away and we aren’t the best travellers) but it always seems worth the trip once we get there.  The weather was great so we were able to enjoy the outside space once we’d set up.  And with a bar tab extended to us, we could also sip on a beer.  Lovely.

“I’m Yours” was the first dance again, and as usual it worked a treat with guests happily joining in after a bit.  It was another great night, and despite it being a Thursday we’d been asked to stick around and run the disco until 1am.  Thankfully a hardcore of guests stayed on the dance floor right up until the last song – hopefully they weren’t working the next day (or at least not doing anything too important…)

16th July wedding at Hestercombe Gardens

This was another venue a bit further than we normally travel (terrible travellers, the Moon Loungers), but once again we arrived to find a smashing place.  In a very rare treat, we were provided with some of the wedding breakfast, absolutely delicious.

For the first dance, we’d learned a John Legend song called “Stay with You”, and it worked very well too.  The rest of the evening was great, with lots of guests dancing and then shouting for more come the end (of course we played some more – especially seeing as one girl asked for some Prince, which gave us another opportunity to play our new favourite cover “1999”…).

23rd July – wedding at Kingscote Barn

Whilst we do enjoy engaging with our audience and making a real connection with the bride and groom and their family and friends, sometimes you really do just turn up, play the songs, get everyone up dancing, then pack up and go home!  (Oh, and nab some sweets as well…)

sweets kingscote

And this was one of those – a really good night but I don’t think anyone really acknowledged/spoke to us (apart from the groom, who repeatedly asking for the Wurzels until we put it on the disco)! Still a top night though, and that is all that matters.

29th July – wedding at Coombe Lodge

Given we knew a few folk at this wedding (there was a solid Frampton/Winterbourne contingent present) there were plenty of folk to chat to at this one, and it was a brilliant night as well.

The traffic was terrible on the way (summer holidays, M5 etc) but we were still ready to go in good time. Chris had a chance to sing the first dance song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, and the dance floor stayed busy for the rest of our live stuff.  Well done everyone!

30th July – wedding at a barn in Washford

Having been given a fright by the holiday traffic the night before, we left loads of time to head to this one at Washford (not far from Minehead, so a REALLY long journey for the travel-shy Moon Loungers).

This was a good move as it took us precisely 3 hours to get there!  It wasn’t your standard wedding, this one – the couple got married on top of a hill in the Quantocks in running gear, and the reception was in a barn on the bride’s parents amazing property.

wedding washford somerset

Thankfully the weather was great, and before we set up we were able to help ourselves to a beer – just what the doctor ordered after that journey.  In another break from tradition there was no first dance, so at about 8pm we just cracked on with our performance.

It was a marvellous evening, with lots of dancing and singing along from the guests. In the encore we had a first ever go at playing “All the Small Things” live as the groom had requested it on the disco.  Another one of those we probably should have learned a long time ago!

So there you have it – 8 great gigs, and lots of happy couples. Congrats to one and all. August here we come…