An interesting September of gigs…

bath wedding band

September brought with it an eclectic mix of gigs for the Moonies, here’s a quick rundown!

The month started with us in the familiar surroundings of Kingscote Barn for an evening wedding party. As with our last few gigs at Kingscote, Strawberry Fields were catering and Lee Bishop was running his usual tight ship!  Were soon set up and good to go.

We had been in discussions to play “Shut Up and Dance” for the first dance, but in the end the couple went for Ed Sheeran’s “Tenerife Sea” which we played live for the first time in a while.  We followed it up with “Shut Up and Dance” though, and as luck would have it the former finished in the same key as the latter started – we love that sort of thing…

Our previous Kingscote wedding was a bit of a low key affair, but this one was the polar opposite.  The dance floor was stacked all night, and everyone got fully into the party spirit.  We threw in a few well-earned encores, and the disco was booked until 12.30 so the bash kept swinging for a while after we’d finished playing live.  Top night!

bathh wedding band bath function rooms

The following weekend we headed to central Bath to play a wedding anniversary at the brilliantly named “Bath Function Rooms” (pictured above) which is in Green Park Station.  Now, we’ve had some tricky load-ins over the years, but this was possibly the hardest ever… without going into too much detail, it involved parking in three different places, ferrying our gear across a car park in Sainsburys trolleys (see above), and carting it up a couple of flights of stairs.  Basically the load in took longer than the actual set up!

The gig itself was good – the room is rather echoey but plenty of folk danced and had a good time, especially the happy couple celebrating 25 years of marriage! Oh, and we were treated to pizzas and a beer before our performance, which was just what we needed after that load-in…

Obviously the load-out was also fairly strenuous but it was nice all being in the van together and having a good old laugh on the way home – a good night all told.

The Gods of Gigs thankfully delivered an amazingly easy load in the following Saturday.  The venue was Seend Village Hall – which looked like your standard village hall from the outside, but had been transformed on the inside into a stunning wedding venue and honestly one of the best we’ve ever had the pleasure to play. We had a stage, a bucket of beers and treats, and the groom also treated Chris and Stu to some of his home-made toffee vodka:

toffee vodka 1

moon loungers wedding band bristol wiltshire

The gig itself was splendid, with the guests all having a great time and a few encores slipped in for good measure at the end. Another excellent night!

Our final gig of the month was another unusual one, the venue being a marquee in the grounds of a house in Easter Compton.  The weather had been amazingly wet in the build-up, although mercifully we managed to load in during a gap in the rain.  Once it was time to play the rain the returned, successfully keeping everyone in the tent and helping us to entice them onto the dance floor!

Following lots of nagging we tacked on some KC and the Sunshine Band right at the end of the disco for one persistent guest, finishing this slightly off-beat September in a suitable way.  Well done everyone and congrats to those happy couples!