Moonies back on wedding band duty in 2019!

After an extended break from live performance going back to December 1st, we were straight back to it with a wedding bash on the first Saturday of 2019.

The location was Orchardleigh, an estate so vast they have managed to find a whole new venue within its grounds.  It is called “The Walled Garden” and has apparently been open for 4 years, so it was nice to finally perform there!

It took us a while to figure out where to park (it was very dark, in our defence), but once the vehicles were in place we were able to enjoy an easy load in. By 7.30 we were all set and ready to go, with a large and foliage-covered photo booth joining us at the edge of the dance floor.

moon loungers orchardleigh walled garden wedding band

The first dance was “Tenerife Sea” by Ed Sheeran, and the subsequent first set went rather well – our R&B/Hip Hop/Soul covers being particularly well received. During the break we had a nice chat with videographer Rob Taylor, and it was soon time for the second set.

Whether it was due to the the hectic festive period taking its toll, or some guests leaving early, but the 2nd set didn’t quite hit the heights of the first one.  Having said that, we played “Sweet Caroline” halfway through (at the urgent request of the groom) and this proved VERY popular, particularly amongst the well-oiled lads.

With no demand for an encore we put the disco on and hastily packed the instruments safely away – the lads now getting a bit more rowdy and wheeling around/attacking the coat hanging rails, whilst also finding time to make various weird and not particularly wonderful requests…

moon loungers orchardleigh walled garden wedding band

Come midnight, it was time for us to finish the disco and pack the PA and lights away, whilst the lads set about trying to connect an iphone to a little disco speaker they’d brought along in order to carry the party on until 3am.

As we left they’d just about figured out how to Bluetooth to it, and Chris Brown was blaring out at a volume the speaker wasn’t coping too well with… All I can say is I hope the coat rail didn’t suffer any further abuse.  Think about the coat rails everyone.

Congrats to the happy couple and well done all!