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Back in action in style with a lively wedding party at Kingscote Barn

After a few weeks off it was great to be back in action again on Saturday night.  The venue of the wedding was Kingscote Barn in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds, Strawberry Fields were doing the catering and the guests had access to a free bar – it was always going to be a good night, basically…

Once we were set it was time for Lee of Strawberry Fields to hand over the award he’d collected for us last week at the Bristol & Somerset Wedding Awards – cue a quick photo:

bristol wedding band kingscote barn 2017

It was then time to get down to business and play some music. For the first dance we’d learned “I Believe In You”, a new Michael Bublé number, and this served as the perfect opening live song of the night. Loads of guests stayed on the dance floor for the first set, and towards the end we debuted our new cover of “Shape of You” by man-of-the-moment Ed Sheeran – a great addition to the repertoire, so thanks Ed…

Some recent wedding pics…

Andrea and Nic have kindly sent over some pics from their recent wedding at Coombe Lodge near Bristol, and these three capture quite nicely the contrasting stages of the day!

Here we are during the day, during what was actually our last ever drinks reception performance:

andrea nic 1


After the meal the evening then kicked off with the first dance (we are behind the photographer, FYI!):

andrea nic 2


And a bit later on (with the party really getting started) it was time for a spot of inflatable guitar shredding from one happy guest:

andrea nic 3

Thanks again to Andrea and Nic!

A wedding just before Christmas and then New Year’s Eve at Calcot Manor

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you enjoyed the holidays… we certainly had a good Christmas break, and it was nicely bookended by gigs on the 23rd of December and New Year’s Eve.

On the 23rd we played an evening wedding bash at Clevedon Hall, and it was probably the best gig we’ve done at this venue. As per the norm we set ourselves up in the main entrance hall (which was looking suitably festive with lots of decorations and a big twinkly fairly light net hanging from the bannisters on the 1st floor.

moon loungers wedding band clevedon hall

As planned, we kicked off the live music around 8.00. For the first dance we’d learned “Video Games” by Lana Del Rey, and as requested by the couple we’d taken our inspiration from Kasabian’s Live Lounge version.  It is a brilliant song and I think our take on it sounded good – it was certainly good fun to play!

An office Christmas party and a Coombe Lodge wedding for the Moonie Boys

After a lengthy break from the gigs (5 weeks – not sure if we’ve had that long off ever) we were back in action on the weekend.

On Friday we made a first ever appearance at Montpelier Lodge – a smashing little venue in the heart of Cheltenham.  It was great to see Cheltenham in all its festive regency glory, and once we’d set ourselves up (in possibly the smallest room we’ve ever played in) we were treated to a sumptuous 3-course meal.  Smashing stuff.

moon loungers band montpelier lodge

We finally started playing around 10.30, and whilst it was a small bash a fair few guests came and had a dance. There was lots of alcohol on offer, ensuring everyone was given the best opportunity to get into the festive spirit…

During the break Stu and Steve had to seek out Chris to suggest going back on for the second set – only to find him hobnobbing with the company’s boss over a glass of wine. Talk about a tough night’s work!

The second set went really well and we finished with an encore of the all-important “Merry Xmas Everybody”, before letting the disco complete the night’s music.

Two splendid November weddings at Priston Mill Watermill

After a jam packed October diary, November has been a bit more relaxed with just the two weddings.  And they both happened to be at the splendid Priston Mill Watermill near Bath.

bristol wedding band the moon loungers priston mill bath

First up was an evening bash, and in a weird de-ja-vu we found ourselves playing our acoustic “Here Comes the Sun” for the first dance. Regular readers of this blog (which we know don’t exist) may recall that we played the same first dance at the same venue only a couple of weeks ago, having never really played it as a first dance before. De-ja-vu, as we said…