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Moonies back on wedding band duty in 2019!

After an extended break from live performance going back to December 1st, we were straight back to it with a wedding bash on the first Saturday of 2019.

The location was Orchardleigh, an estate so vast they have managed to find a whole new venue within its grounds.  It is called “The Walled Garden” and has apparently been open for 4 years, so it was nice to finally perform there!

It took us a while to figure out where to park (it was very dark, in our defence), but once the vehicles were in place we were able to enjoy an easy load in. By 7.30 we were all set and ready to go, with a large and foliage-covered photo booth joining us at the edge of the dance floor.

moon loungers orchardleigh walled garden wedding band

The first dance was “Tenerife Sea” by Ed Sheeran, and the subsequent first set went rather well – our R&B/Hip Hop/Soul covers being particularly well received. During the break we had a nice chat with videographer Rob Taylor, and it was soon time for the second set.

2018 finishes up with weddings at The Bishop’s Palace and the Hare and Hounds

One of the features of 2018 has been the number of venues we’ve played at for the first time.  And we found ourselves at yet another one a couple of weekends ago when we arrived in Wells to play at the Bishop’s Palace (part of Wells Cathedral).

We tend to rely on Google maps these days to get us places, and it rarely lets us down; however, on this occasion it took us to the wrong side of the cathedral, which led to lots of driving around Wells (and getting stuck in its one way system) trying to find correct the way in!

Anyhoo, eventually we figured it out and were soon set up and soundchecking in another very echoey room! Thankfully, the guest helped absorb the sound once they piled in and onto the dance floor during the first dance (Angels, which amazingly we’ve never played live before).

Bishops Palace moonies

Most guests stuck around for the first set, and after a quick sarnie and a pint we were back on and playing to a packed dance floor for a brilliant second set.  We managed a few encores before letting the disco fill in until the strict 11.30 curfew.  Thankfully it was a lot easier finding our way out of Wells that it was getting in…

10 autumnal gigs to report on!

It’s been a very busy autumn for the Moonies, and we’ve been slacking off on updating the blog… so there are no less than 10 gigs to give you the lowdown on!  Here goes…

moon loungers bristol wedding band barleywood house


22-Sep-2018 – St Tewdrics House, Chepstow

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the last couple of months is the number of new venues we’ve played at – St. Tewdrics being one of them!  This splendid new venue is located just over the bridge, just outside Chepstow.

The first dance was Kodaline’s “The One”, always a good choice, and from there on in we were delighted to see the dance floor stay packed all night.  There was a chap with a little pizza van to feed everyone during the break, and the icing on the cake was one male guest doing a Full Monty for the bride with Hot Chocolate playing away in the background. Great night!

A strong start to September for the Moonies

September has started strongly for us with a couple of excellent gigs!

wedding band bristol and bath the moon loungers

On the 1st of the on the month we made a return to the Barn @Berkeley for an evening bash.  It was quite a full-on evening, given that (a) it was really warm in the room we were playing, (b) we knew quite a few guests, with Stu in particular catching up with lots of old school friends, (c), we couldn’t access the stage end of the room so had to carry everything through where guests were finishing their meal, (d) Stu had a bit of a sore throat, and (e) one of our speakers decided to play up during the first set and needed changing with our spare…

Moon Loungers on tour in Oxfordshire (kind of…)

Last weekend we just so happened to have back-to-back gigs in Oxfordshire on Friday and Saturday night, so we decided to stay over on the Friday night. Our choice of location was Faringdon, and we plumped for the Bell Inn.  Here are Chris and Stu getting comfortable in their room:

the bell bedroom

Once we’d checked in and changed, there was time for a quick half before heading off to Lains Barn near Wantage for wedding number one.  We were greeted by a pleasingly organised wedding co-ordinator, and once we were set up and ready to go we were even provided with some much needed hot food – marvellous stuff.