The winter season gets particularly wintery!

February and early March have brought with them some interesting winter gigs, here’s the lowdown…

Moon Loungers wedding band bath bristol snow

10th Feb – Birthday party at the Naval Volunteer

In a change of pace from the weddings, we headed into Bristol City centre for a birthday bash in the Naval Volunteer on King Street.  The pub hadn’t planned for the fact that an England rugby match was on the telly, which basically meant a rammed pub that we couldn’t access with our gear!  Not to worry – being adept at problem solving we found a way into the back room via the pub’s ancient front windows!

Once we were set up the gig itself was great, with everyone enjoying themselves in their 60s fancy dress – especially the birthday boy himself:

Moon Loungers birthday naval volunteer bristol

Happy birthday once again to James and thanks to everyone for getting into the party spirit!


22nd Feb – Corporate event at the Bristol Grand Hotel

Once again we were back in the city centre, this time for an awards evening for Allianz.  Once we’d gone through the usual negotiation process with the staff to ensure we had enough space to set up, we got ourselves sorted and sound checked.

While we were tucking into our food we had a catch up with caricaturist and fellow Framptonite Ian Lloyd, who was also there to provide some entertainment to the guests. We then put on some background music for the presentation before knocking out a couple of sets that went down really well – thanks in no small part to the free bar!

All in all a top night, well done Emily for organising such a good event.

moon loungers bristol grand hotel


24th Feb – wedding at Wick Farm

A couple of day later we arrived at Wick Farm near Bath, back on wedding band duty!  This time we played as a duo during the meal, which seemed to go well, before meeting up with Stu for the evening bash.

The first dance was a specially learned live version of “True Colours” – the Phil Collins version – which was swiftly followed by two sets of relentless live music. As is often the case with Wick Farm, it was at times tricky enticing guests up from the bar (which is at the opposite end of the building in the lower barn), but as usual we managed to get them all up (well, most of them, anyway) come the end!


Priston Mill – 3rd Mar

The most “interesting” gig of the last month came on the weekend, due entirely to the unbelievable amount of snow that landed the day before it… there were times where it looked like we wouldn’t be able to get to Priston Mill (which is down a very long and winding lane), and it was all hands on deck to clear the snow to get the van out of Steve’s garage and down the lane at the back of his house (here’s Steve‘s wife wielding a spade)…


Thankfully, on the day there was no further snow, and by the time we set off it had thawed out a fair bit.  The bride, who had called us the day before to check we’d turn up, was delighted to see us, and as a few guests hadn’t made it we were treated to some of the leftover food!


Having set up and sound checked in our wellies, we quickly changed and then front loaded our performance with a longer than usual first set, correctly anticipating that lots of guests would be heading off early.  By 11.45 the place was fairly empty, but the B&G were delighted with how it had all gone under the circumstances. Well done Priston for delivering the goods and to all the guests who made the journey!

priston mill snow