A 70th birthday bash at Resound in Mangotsfield

In a break from our wedding band duties, we headed to the nearby Resound in Mangotsfield for a 70th birthday party on Saturday night.

You wouldn’t know it from looking at it, but this ultra-modern venue is in fact a church!  We arrived to find a nice stage for us to set up on, and we were even provided with cups of tea (and biscuits) as we got ourselves ready. In an exciting development (for us and no-one else, please note) we were giving our new custom fitted in-ear monitors a first try…

moon loungers in ear monitors

The Moon Loungers had previously appeared at the birthday boys’ kid’s weddings, so it was nice to see lost of familiar faces as guests arrived for the party. We played a short set before food was served, and then it was time for a “This is Your Life” style speech (during which our wireless mic proved very useful) before we returned for a second set that had lots of folk up dancing.

moon loungers at resound

Come the end we responded to the cries for more with a rendition of Happy Birthday (which had almost been forgotten!) and then “Sweet Caroline” for a final song of the night.

Happy birthday to John and good to catch up with some of our previous customers!