A wedding with a Brazilian flavour for the Moon Loungers at Ston Easton Park

On Sunday night the Moon Loungers headed into Somerset to play an evening wedding bash at the rather posh Ston Easton Park…

somerset wedding band

We arrived with the wedding breakfast in full swing, and set ourselves up in the “yellow room” ready for the guests to enter.  The bride being Brazilian, there was a nice relaxed latin american feel to the evening and also lots of interesting looking Brazilian confectionary for guests to tuck into.

For our part we had learned Brazilian classic “the Girl from Ipanema”, and we played this straight after the first dance (the contrasting “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters).  After verse 3 it made sense to let the guests take over and sing a verse in Portuguese, which worked an absolute treat.

bristol wedding bands

The first set was probably the best Sunday night first set we’ve ever played, with lots of guests dancing and getting into the party spirit.  During the break we tucked into some specially made sarnies, whilst the disco played a selection of Brazilian tunes that kept everyone dancing and enjoying themselves.

Unsurprisingly, the second set went down really well and we finished up by playing a few well-deserved encores for the jovial crowd.  The last song of the night was “Merry Xmas Everyone”, which we now won’t play again for another 12 months…

The disco returned for the final half hour, playing a selection of tunes requested by the B&G to take things up to midnight and complete a splendid night’s work.

Congrats as usual to the bride and groom and well done to the guests for partying all night in true Brazil-style!