An acoustic duo wedding gig at the Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury and an evening party at Ston Easton Park in Somerset

After a bit of time off the Moon Loungers returned to action with a brace of wedding performances last weekend.

First up was a wedding breakfast acoustic duo gig at the Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury. The great thing about playing at the GTB for the meal is we are able to tuck ourselves away on the “Minstrels Gallery”, high above the guests – particularly useful in this instance given there were 190 people packed into the venue and not much in the way of floor space! Here is a selfie we took from said gallery:

great tythe barn wedding acoustic duo

Once everyone was seated we started playing, and were able to plough through well over 30 songs as everyone tucked into their meals. Every now and then the guests would clatter their cutlery and crockery in a bid to get the bride and groom to have a kiss, which we were able to work around, and all in all it went really well.

The following evening we headed into deepest Somerset for an evening bash at Ston Easton Park, a splendid stately pile that we’ve enjoyed performing at a few times over the years.

We were able to set up while the meal was taking place, and with David the Toastmaster running proceedings, the first dance kicked off promptly at 8pm. We’d specially learned 80 classic “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us” by Starship, and this provided the perfect start to what was a cracking evening. We were treated to mini fish and chips (and some lovely cake) during the break, which helped propel us through a highly enjoyable second set.  The highlight came when the best man (below) joined us for Suspicious Minds, delivering a hilariously poor performance that will have had the King turning in his grave…


The disco then continued things up until 12.30, rounding off an excellent weekend. Congrats to both couples!