The Moon Loungers perform at a wedding at The Old Lodge, Minchinhampton

On Friday the Moon Loungers headed to the Old Lodge, Minchinhampton, for a wedding evening party.  This involved driving our trusty yellow van up the ridiculously steep and windy road known as the “Ladder”, which led up to Minchinhampton Common – slightly hairy stuff…

gloucestershire wedding band

Once we’d negotiated The Ladder we arrived at the Old Lodge and were treated to a beer by the groom (Ben Cox, our videographer friend) while we waited for the function room to be cleared.  Stu the drummer arrived soon after and we got ourselves set up.

bristol wedding band

For the first dance the couple had chosen “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”, and during the song Steve had to fight off a budding singer who was desperate to take over the vocals.  Budding singer: “I’m actually a singer!”; Steve:  “Um, so am I…..”

Anyhoo, the first dance went well, as did the first set. During the break we enjoyed some amazing burgers and chips, and it was soon time for the second set.

The second set saw most guests enjoy a dance, one chap in particular doing his best to scare everyone off the dance floor with his enthusiastic “moves”!  At the end of the set we tagged on a few encores, with Steve again playing his melodica for the intro to “Moves Like Jagger” – we can confirm he is slowly getting better………

It was then over to the disco, the highlight easily being one girl’s impersonation of Tina Turner during “The Best”:

bristol wedding band

Another excellent evening, and congratulations to Ben and Molly!

cotswold wedding band