Hecklers, tipsy grooms, 13-year-old lead singers – it’s been a busy few weeks of weddings…

The last few weeks have been jam-packed with gigs, all in different venues to keep us on our toes! Here’s are a few of the highlights…

Back on the 22nd May we headed to Elmore Court in Gloucestershire. In a change from the norm we were playing the drinks reception and wedding breakfast as an acoustic duo, no evening (so a night off for Stu).

As usual, the weather was very hit-and-miss and it was left to us to decide whether to set up inside or outside. In the end we opted for outside, which proved a good choice as the sun finally emerged – although it did take the guests about half an hour to actually move round to the lawn where we’d set up. Good old drinks receptions…

The wedding breakfast was much more straightforward, taking place in the splendid “Gillyflower”, a purpose-built, eco-friendly function room next to the manor house. The caterers even remembered to feed us, completing a successful afternoon’s work!

clearwell castle wedding band

Next up was a return to Clearwell Castle (above) in Wales for the first time literally since about 2006. Back then we were just a duo playing during the meal, but this time we were to perform as a 3-piece in “the Cellars”. This proved to be one of the strangest rooms we’ve ever set up in – the barman actually announced “it’s really not suitable for bands” as he let us in. Oh.

clearwell castle

The Moon Loungers love a challenge (kind of), and we set about positioning ourselves in a such a way that we were facing the dance floor while also allowing guests to enter the room via the door behind us. Once we were sorted the evening went very well, the live sets topped off with the groom singing “Sweet Caroline” (or “Sweet Leanne” in this case – it just about worked!).

The following day we were off to Chiseldon House near Swindon, another venue we last played at a fair few years ago. Performing as a duo during the wedding breakfast, we were faced with a first: one guest actually stood up and heckled us! Yes, during a wedding breakfast. You kind of expect it during the evening party, but this was a new one for us – we had to take a break to compose ourselves!

Thankfully we got through the second set un-heckled. Funnily enough, when Stu arrived and we turned everything up to 11 for what was a brilliant evening party our heckler was nowhere to be seen…

Next up was a Monday night wedding party at Tortworth Court. Lots of interesting stuff to note about this one, such as we had been booked literally a couple of weeks prior to the wedding, it was in the Orangery (so a nice change from the Westminster Suite), the bride was German (so there were a few German traditions thrown in during the evening) and the couple’s 13 year old niece wanted to sing the first dance!

It turned out to be a really good evening, with the Orangery provided a very atmospheric setting and some of the German contingent doing an amusing performance of Cinderella in between our sets. The highlight was the 13 year old guest singer, who completely nailed “Thinking Out Loud” for the first dance (with us merely providing the backing) and also sang “All of Me” and “At Last” to kick off the second set.

It was then a new venue for us, Newbury Manor Hotel in, um, Newbury. A very nice place to spend an evening, as it turns out.

newbury manor wedding band

This was one of those weddings where the groom absolutely loved us and stayed on the dance floor all night, making it an enjoyable performance for us as well. And there was lots of amazing cake to tuck into. It’s a tough job, etc.

The weddings continued with another evening bash as the Great Tythe Barn on Sunday night. Despite it being a “school night” a few guests were pretty drunk, although none quite as hammered as the groom…

Apart from Stu having to kindly ask some of the female guests (it’s always the girls) to stop messing with his drums, and the groom dropping numerous drinks on the dance floor, it thankfully all went off very smoothly.

And finally, last night we made a debut at the historic Roman Baths. A logistically complex one, this, and not helped when we arrived to discover a race finishing line having been set up on the square in which we needed to unload our gear! Oh well, we just drove the van very slowly through the small crowd of folk and just got on with it…

Once we’d unloaded and parked, the hard part of the night was arguably done. We were soon set up for both the wedding breakfast and the evening party, and the venue kindly brought us out some sarnies to keep us going.

roman baths wedding band

The evening wedding ceremony took place down in the actual baths (although not literally), and then guests came up to the terrace for the meal. We played one long set while they tucked into their food and enjoyed the spectacular view of the sun setting over the baths, and once the speeches were done things quickly moved into the Reception Hall, where Stu was waiting for us. The 3-piece then powered through an hour and a half set, Stu sticking to his new low impact sticks to ensure we didn’t exceed the strict sound limit (and also to not bother the tinnitus-suffering groom!).

At 1pm the disco wound things up and it was time to pack up the van again, a very busy, enjoyable, and at times slightly unusual run of gigs completed. Congrats to all the brides and grooms!