Two fab weddings at Wick Farm near Bath

We had a great weekend just gone, playing two splendid wedding evening parties back to back at wonderful Wick Farm near Bath.

wick farm wedding band

Both weddings were quite late affairs, with our live music not starting until 9ish. On Friday night things began with a specially learned first dance song called “The Reason” by Hoobastank. This went very well, as did the rest of the first set, with plenty of guests gracing the dance floor.

During a brief break we scoffed some of the lovely cake on offer, and then it was time for more live tunes that eventually drew everyone up from the bar and on to the floor. For the encore we had a go at “Cheerleader” by OMI – it had been requested on the disco, but as it’s one we’d been meaning to learn, we rustled up a cover a few days before. Steve even played a bit of melodica, and it actually sounded rather good – who needs a trumpet player?!

The following evening followed a similar schedule, but a rather different set list. The first dance was one we’d played once before many years ago, a song called “First Day of my Life” by Bright Eyes. Stu was able to sit back and leave this one to Steve and Chris, but he was soon taking the lead on various tunes, with the dance floor once again nice and busy.

During the break Stu and Steve spent a few minutes gawping at celebrity guest (and Godfather to the bride) Feargal Sharkey, while Chris hunted down Great British Bake Off finalist Tamal for this social media-bound picture:

tamal ray wedding cake

Turns out Tamal (best friend of the bride – a well connected girl!) had made the cake, and here he is just before it was cut:

moon loungers first dance wick farm bath

Turning our attention away from the starry guest list, we were soon back “on stage” (there’s no stage) and filling the dance floor with revellers for what was a great second set. There was no Cheerleader for the encore this time, but we did play “Ice Ice Baby” with Chris on keytar (you can’t beat a weird instrument in the encore).

The bride and groom made their escape soon after we’d finished playing live, and before we knew it midnight had arrived and it was time to finish the disco and pack away.

All in all a brilliant couple of gigs at one of our favourite venues. Well done to all concerned, particularly the happy newlyweds!